Who We Are

The Association for the Promotion of Assistive Technologies and the Education of the Blind (APTICA) is an apolitical non-profit association created in 2012.

In our quest for the full integration of persons with disabilities in general and for the visually impaired in particular, we came up with the initiative “Help the blind see through education”, which led to the creation of the Association for the Promotion of Assistive Technologies and the Education of the Blind (APTICA) a project which impacts are already felt on the lives of many blind in Cameroon and even in the central Africa sub region.


Cameroon alone counts more than one million (1000000) blind and visually impaired, that is from those who can no longer use eye glasses to improve their sight, to those who are totally blind. In these two groups, less than two thousand can barely read and write, thus resulting to a high level of illiteracy of visually impaired and blind persons in the country. The direct consequence is extreme poverty and long lasting dependence on relatives who sometimes end up considering these fellows as burdens.

The intolerable situation is that even among this few who can read and write using the Braille writing method, less than one hundred can use a computer or have access to Internet. Consequently, they cannot have access to adequate online research information. Most often, many abandon their dreams because of the harsh living conditions and abject poverty. For those who endure, their level of education is sometime questionable because they lack books and other didactic equipment necessary for their education.

APTICA Cameroun


What people are saying about us!

I was hopeless and discouraged when I became blind. I lost my job I was obliged to go back to the village. But I met APTICA in 2013, they restored my desire to live and taught me that I could carry out an activity to earn a living. They found a financial support that helped me start poultry farming and today I have many chicken in my farm and I am autonomous.

Jean Baptiste Bessala

Thanks to APTICA, I have been able to go back to school after spending two years at home because of financial difficulties. I knew the organisation in 2014 and they helped me to enrol for Spanish studies at the University of Yaounde I. Now, I can hope for a better future. APTICA is doing a wonderful job!

Ngo Mbogol Josephine